Flowers on silk

Flowers on silk

When I was 13 I used to enjoy painting flowers on silk.


Giant cupcake!

Hello! Today I give you the giant cupcake that my mum made me for my 15th birthday, nearly a year ago. Really, it was huge.

She made it by stacking normal chocolate sponges one on  top of each other with buttercream icing between each layer. Then she cut the whole thing to get it to be slightly cylindrical, like a cupcake. She baked it, iced it and, as you can’t really get a cupcake case which is bigger than your head, she cut and creased shiny paper and put it around the cake.

I can tell you, it was really delicious :)

Coca-cola birthday card

A friend of mine turned 16 a while ago. She collects coke cans. So, i decided to make her a coca-cola birthday card. First I searched for all different kinds of coke cans on internet, copy and pasted them onto a Word document, printed them out, cut them out.

Then I took a piece of rigid white drawing paper. I found a website which writes whatever you want in coca-cola font ( ) and I copied her name onto my paper. I coloured her name, highlighted it by going round her name with white pastels and the exterior with black pastels. I sprayed the paper with fixing spray, then glued the paper coke cans around the edge of the paper.

Image        Image