Back to school soon!

Only 9  days left until we have to go back to school…. I guess it’s time to start reading  all those books I was supposed to read during the holidays… To be honest, I’m not looking forward to going back. I know I should so I’ll be able to see all my friends, talk about our holidays, exercise my brain which is getting a bit dusty after practically three months of not using it at all. But what I’d really like is a couple more weeks, as I can’t really say I’ve done all the things on my summer to-do list… And during the school year I hardly get any time to do what I like anyway!

One thing I have done is buy my agenda. My sister gave me the great idea of buying a really cheap one and decorating it myself.  So that’s what I did, I bought one of those cheap one at 1 euro with the nasty cover and while I was in Japan on holiday I bought a nice piece of material. I covered the agenda with the material, using double sided cellotape and clear nail varnish so that the sides of the material didn’t fray.

So there’s an idea for you if you can’t find a decent agenda!

Mine has a dragons on it. The material changes  colour depending on the light, sometimes it’s shocking pink, other times deep red.



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