Don’t Blink……




I love Doctor Who. I have tons of DW t-shirts and I’m a real fan.

A while ago, I drew this picture of a weeping angel with the intention of taping it to the inside of my locker, so that when my whovian locker mate opened it he would see it and not be able to blink. Week by week, when time permitted, I would draw another angel, gradually getting closer, uncovering their eyes and smiling eerily. I’ve haven’t drawn the final picture yet (the scary, in-your-face-with-fangs one) but it’ll be coming soon :)


Also, I only took a picture of the first one. The others I’ve given away to friends but I’ll ask them for the pics so you’ll be able to see them :D


Here it is. Don’t blink.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Blink……

  1. Look forward to seeing the scary-in-your-face version – this is great! Weeping angels are definitely the scariest DW baddie for me…maybe it’s cos you don’t really know what happens when they get you?!

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